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Will to Power ~ Angyl & Orithain


Assume that the Andromeda was not caught in the event horizon of the black hole but was captured by the Nietzscheans instead. Without Dylan and his crew to come back from 300 years in the future, the Nietzschean Tactical Offensive at the Battle of Witchhead Nebula would have succeeded without the loss of the majority of their ships, and they would have taken over the Commonwealth. 300 years later things would be very different.

1. Hour of Great Contempt ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (143 K) 01-9-02
A Nietzschean captain encounters a human engineer.

2. Cry Havoc ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (114 K) 03-18-02
After the Orca pride's attack on Kodiak, Tyr tries to balance the need for revenge with his growing feelings for his human mate while Harper tries to make a place for himself.

3. Resistance Overcome ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (112 K) 06-25-02
Kodiak Pride gets a new wife and a new homeworld.

 4. The Common Lie ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (34 K)11-25-02
PWP - Harper wants to make it up to Tyr for the mood he's been in lately. Takes place shortly after WtP3.

5. Gazing into the Abyss ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (190 K) 03-06-04
Harper's cousin is still alive back on Earth, but what can he do about it?

6. Time to Play ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17, AU (16K) 12-14-04
PWP - Tyr and Harper take some time off to relax.


He's Been Naughty (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17 (18K) 12-16-03
Bonding is very important with new crewmates.

Invitation (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Dylan/Gaheris Rhade, NC-17 (33K) 12-21-04
Dylan extends an invitation to Rhade.
Note: Set pre-fall and pre-engagement to Sara.

It's All Right (Orithain) ~ Tyr/Harper implied, G (3 K) 05-26-02
Herper's thoughts after The Tunnel at the End of the Light. Response to a 5-minute, first-line challenge.
SpoilersThe Tunnel at the End of the Light

Potential (Orithain & Rina) ~ Tyr/Harper, NC-17 (60 K) 06-20-02
Tyr gets tired of being alone. A first season fic, set shortly after Double Helix.

For more Andromeda fic, see the Crossovers page.


Anita Blake

1. Bloodlust (Orithain & Rina) ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (89K) 03-09-02
A master vampire and a wereleopard try to find out if each might be just what the other needs.
SPOILERS: Very slight ones for one early event in Narcissus in Chains.
WARNING: D/S, bestiality (sort of -- Nate's a wereleopard after all; you figure it out) and other things that might squick you are within.

2. A Place of Their Own ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (89 K) 11-14-02
Asher and Nathaniel grow closer together and plan for their future.
SPOILERS: Vague ones for Narcissus in Chains.
WARNING: D/S, bestiality (sort of -- Nate's a wereleopard after all) and other things that might squick you are within.

3. Christmas Traditions ~ Asher/Nathaniel, NC-17 (24K) 02-06-08
Asher and Nathaniel's first Christmas together.
Same warning as usual.



The Ghosts of Christmas (Angyl) ~ Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson, NC-17 (62K) 12-18-04
Ghosts come to haunt an embittered Bat, making him see the light.

Teach Me (Angyl) ~ Bruce/Dick, NC-17 (10 K) 01-04-02
A missing Scene from Batman Forever.

Up Against the Wall and Spread 'Em (Angyl) ~ Bruce/Dick, NC-17 (17 K) 6-22-02
Living out a fantasy.

For more Batman (or at least Nightwing) fic, see the Crossovers page.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Home for the Holidays (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Spike/Giles, NC-17 (44K) 12-03-04
Sometimes loneliness can bring the strangest people together.

Slaying in a Winter Wonderland (Orithain & Rina) ~ Faith/Cordelia, NC-17 (17K) 12-11-03
Post breakup with Xander, Cordelia is anti-men, and Faith offers her an alternative.



Encounters ~ Orithain

1. Exploring ~ Max/Trace, NC-17 (8 K) June 99
What happened when Trace got back from sending the distress call.

2. Answers ~ Max/Trace, NC-17 (8 K) Sept. 99
Max needs distraction after the Excalibur leaves the Well of Forever.

3. Catch as Catch Can ~ Max/Trace, NC-17 (9 K) Sept. 00
The crew of the Excalibur is restless, and merriment is certain to ensue. Max and Trace play.
Note: A list participation story/Answer to the "Hide and Seek" challenge.


Doctor Who/Torchwood

The End Is Where We Begin ~ Angyl & Rina

1. Metal Tears for the Tin Man ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Jake Simmonds, Tom Milligan/Martha Jones, Rose Tyler/John 'Doc' Smith, Ianto Jones/Jake Simmonds (past), AU, NC-17 (597K) 02-09-10
When Captain Jack Harkness can no longer deal with the pain of his universe, the Doctor finds a way to give him another one and a new start.
Warnings: Canon character death 
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Children of the Earth--which we deny. DENIED!!!
Chapters 1-10 ~ Chapters 11-20 ~ Chapters 21-27

2. Jack's Present ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Jake Simmonds (past), Tom Milligan/Martha Jones, Rose Tyler/Doctor John "Doc" Smith (aka the DoctorDonna), Ianto Jones/Jake Simmonds(past), Ross Jenkins /Lisa Hallett, Donna Noble/Dr. Rupesh Patinjali, Jake Simmonds/Owen Harper, AU, NC-17/NC-17 (77K) 09-15-10
Alpha Team is in Cardiff, and Jack gets a present.

Moving On ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Moving On ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (104K) 07-01-07
Sometimes anger can lead to something else.
Spoilers: "Cyberwoman", "Small Worlds"," Countrycide"

2. Not Just for Coffee ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (60K) 08-30-09
Jack comes home.
Notes: Somewhat AU, assumes that Jack returned only two weeks after leaving, some time before the season 2 premiere.
Spoilers: "Captain Jack Harkness"; "End of Days"; "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"


Evaluations (Angyl & Rina) ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (17K) 07-01-07
Being members of an ultra secret organization bent on saving the world can be a thankless job... but there are perks.
Spoilers: Up to "Captain Jack Harkness"

It's a Date (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, NC-17 (22K) 05-04-08
Jack and Ianto go on that date.
Spoilers: 2.01 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

On the Eighth Day (Rina) ~ Ianto/Jack implied, PG-13 (4K) 02-19-07
Eight days later Jack came back.

A Week in the Life of Ianto Jones  (Rina) ~ Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Jack, PG-13 (12K) 01-11-07
Seven days that changed Ianto's life forever.


Earth Angels

The Fall (Angyl) ~ Maximillian/Lucas, NC-17 (14 K) July 01
How is an angel corrupted?

Fallen Angel (Orithain) ~ Maximillian/Gregory, Adult (7 K) 07-18-2001
A short encounter between Maximillian and Gregory

For more Earth Angels fic, see the Crossovers page.


Harry Potter

On its own page.


Hawaii Five-0 (reboot)

Perfect  ~ Orithain & Rina

1. The Perfect Partnership ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (26K) 10-02-10
Steve and Danny work out how to get along.

2. The Perfect Day ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (40K) 10-19-10
Steve and Danny aren't fooling anyone.

3. The Perfect Treat ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (39K / 6,910 words) 11-27-10
Steve and Danny take Grace trick or treating, and Steve gets the biggest scare of his life..

4. The Perfect Meal ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (103K / 18,408 words) 01-15-11
Thanksgiving with the Williams family - all of the Williams family.

5. The Perfect Gift ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (23K / 3,909 words) 08-20-11
Danny and Steve both get what they wanted.


Accepted (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (3K) 10-02-10
A short PWP set just after episode 1.

Being (Rina) ~ Danny Williams, G (1K) 10-19-10
Written for the Parenthood prompt at hawaii_5_0_100.

Can You Hear Me Now? (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, G (2K) 10-19-10
Just what is Danny's ring-tone for Steve?

Coming Clean (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, NC-17 (6K) 10-02-10
It was all the laundry's fault.

Coming Home (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, R (19K / 3,395 words)  11-27-10
Danny travels back to New Jersey and finds out where his home really is.

1. Danny Williams' No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (6K / 942 words)  11-27-10
Danny has a bad day. A really bad day.

2. FUBAR (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (8K / 1,288 words) 11-27-10
Steve has bad days too.

Treat, Definitely Treat (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, G (1K / 100 words)  11-27-10
The title says it all.

Three Beaches (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, PG (23K / 3,849 words) 08-20-11
The prompt was: Steve/Danny, PG-13ish: Danny gets Steve to go back home with him on vacation, and they end up going to Jersey Shore. Steve mocks Jersey Shore people. (Do I get extra points for actually watching that show to get a feel for those people? ;) ) It started out as humor and turned to romance...

1. What Happens in Vegas (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams (UST), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell (mentioned in passing), NC-17 (22K / 3,999 words) 01-15-11
While in Las Vegas for his sister's wedding, Steve meets someone who looks very familiar who makes him re-think the way he looks at a very familiar someone.
Note: Crossover with Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen

2. The Two Man Job (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy (past), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell, PG-13 (18K / 3,246 words) 03-11-11
This is what happens when you don't take a con-man's advice.

3. Bait and Switch (Rina) ~ Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett/Turk Malloy (past), Turk Malloy/Linus Caldwell, PG-13 (22K / 3,826 words) 08-20-11
What Danny doesn't know can't hurt him, or so Steve thinks. Bonus points if you figure out Turk's alias ;)



See Crossovers for Highlander fic.



Faith, Hope and Christmas (Angyl & Rina) ~ Kurdy/Smith, PG-13 (13K) 12-24-04

1. A Fine Pair of Asses (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jeremiah/Markus, NC-17 (105K) 02-28-04
Markus needs a break and Jeremiah helps him get it.

2. Santa Claus Is Coming (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jeremiah/Markus, NC-17 (33K) 12-12-04
Markus gives Jeremiah a Christmas surprise.


Lord of the Rings

Seven Deadly Sins ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Gluttony ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (33K) 01-13-03
An evening with Merry and Pippin... and Pippin's appetites. (There's also a Frodo/Sam companion piece, Charity.)
Note: This is all the fault of the Theban Band and one of their pictures - the first of the Merry & Pippin ones.

2. Sloth ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (17K) 01-15-03
A lazy afternoon

3. Envy ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (30K) 01-29-03
Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

4. Pride ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (32K) 03-14-03
Pride is the excessive belief in one's own abilities.

5. Anger ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (42K) 01-12-04
Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.

6. Greed ~ Merry/Pippin, NC-17 (28K) 03-06-04
Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. 
Note: Companion piece to our Sam/Frodo story "Justice".

Seven Heavenly Virtues ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Fortitude ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (19 K) 01-27-03
Sam makes Frodo feel better.

2. Charity ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (20 K) 02-05-03
Companion piece to Merry/Pippin story Gluttony.

3. Hope ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (39K) 03-27-03
Companion piece to Merry/Pippin story Envy.

4. Prudence ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (31K) 08-09-03
Can Sam and Frodo be prudent?

5. Justice ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (22K) 01-17-04
Sam wonders if there's any justice in the world.

6. Temperance ~ Sam/Frodo, NC-17 (13K) 05-17-04
Temperance is for public view.

Senses and Elements ~ Angyl & Rina

1. The Taste of Earth and Sky ~ Aragorn/Legolas, NC-17 (42K) 01-13-03
Confessions bring understanding and change.

2. The Touch of Sun and Wind ~ Aragorn/Legolas, NC-17 (42K) 07-18-03
Confessions bring understanding and change.


Give and Take (Orithain & Rina) ~ Merlin/Arthur, NC-17 (99K) 11-06-09
Merlin has many secrets, and Arthur gradually learns them all.

An Ordinary Life (Orithain & Rina) ~ Merlin/Arthur, Modern AU, NC-17/NC-17 (163K) 09-15-10
Arthur Pendragon is the Once and Future King, but not every life he lives is full of crisis. Sometimes, it's just an ordinary life.

The Truth Will Out ~ Merlin/Arthur, NC-17 (43K) 06-10-10
Arthur would have had to be both blind and deaf not to have seen it, and he was neither of those things.


Merry Gtry

Underestimation (Orithain & Rina) ~ Galen/Sholto, NC-17 (45 K) 11-01-02
Two lonely sidhe get an unexpected Yule present.
SPOILERS: For both books.

Sometimes It's Better Not to Win (Orithain & Rina) ~ Rhys/Nicca, NC-17 (43K) 07-06-03
Rhys and Nicca aren't sure they want to be Merry's king.
SPOILERS: For both books.
Note: Not the same universe as "Underestimation".


Once a Thief

Click on image to go to OaT fiction page.
Illustration by the Theban Band.



In accordance with Anne McCaffrey's rules, none of our Pern fic is available online, but if you're interested in the scenario we describe, you can join our update list where we also post the Pern stories or email one of us, including a statement of age and agreement not to forward or archive the stories, and we'd be happy to send you what we have. Stories are mostly m/m with a few m/f and some friendship only.


The Phantom Menace

On its own page.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I Saw Three Ships (Angyl & Rina) ~ Jack/Will, NC-17 (37K) 12-10-03
Holiday gifts can take many forms and meanings.

It Would Never Work (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jack/Elizabeth, NC-17 (105K) 12-04-04
After Will's death, Jack decides to help Elizabeth move on with her life.

Wedding Night, Pirate Style (Angyl, Orithain & Rina) ~ Jack/Will/Elizabeth, NC-17 (147K) 12-04-04
Will and Elizabeth's honeymoon trip goes off course when they encounter the Black Pearl.


Queer as Folk

The Algebra Series ~ Rina

1.  Simple Math ~ Brian/Michael, PG-13 (10 K) 2001
Michael contemplates Brian and algebra

2.  Prime Numbers ~ Brian/Michael, PG-13 (12 K) 04-17-01
Brian's thoughts on his past with Mikey.

3.  Parallel Lines ~ Brian/Michael, PG-13 (11 K) 06-18-01
Debbie watches her boys at the diner.


Hatred (Rina) ~ No pairing, PG-13 (9 K) 06-27-01
Early morning ruminations in a hospital corridor.

Happy Endings (Rina) ~ Michael/Ben, Adult (9 K) 3-27-02
What exactly happened after Ben told Michael he was positive?


Sherlock  (BBC) / Sherlock Holmes (Movie)

Possession Is Nine-Tenths of the Law (Angyl & Rina) ~ Holmes/Watson, NC-17 (33K / 5,765 words) 01-15-11
John goes out and has a one night stand with a guy. Sherlock deduces this and decides he doesn't like to share.
Note: BBC version; set after "A Study in Pink" but "Before the Great Game"



On its own page


Stargate Atlantis


Stargate SG-1



Background ~ Rina

Evolution ~ Castiel/Dean Winchester (6K), non-explicit, 10-19-08
Change comes to all of us, even angels.

A Devout Man ~ Castiel (3K) gen, 11-10-08
Prequel to Evolution: Matthew Carter said yes.

The First Cut Is the Deepest ~ Angyl

1.The First Cut Is the Deepest ~ Dean/Sam, Adult (6K) 03-12-07
How far will Dean go for Sam?

2. Captured by the Game ~ Dean/Sam, NC-17 (78K) 05-29-07
Dean sees a ghost and tries to run from Sam for the first time since he went darkside. Sam follows and Dean must face the consequences of his lack of faith.
WARNING: Incest, kink

Second Chances ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Never Boring ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (142K) 05-26-06
A while back, Dean trapped an incubus in human form instead of destroying him, and now Valac is trying to get him to admit why.

2. Old Habits ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (142K) 09-06-06
Our take on the final episodes of season 1 and what happens next.

3. The Headless Horseman ~ Dean/Valac (omc), NC-17 (185K) 09-18-07
"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is just a story... isn't it?

4. The Coil Tightens ~ Dean/Valac (omc), Sam/m/f, NC-17 (167K) 12-14-08
Having Val around changes many things.

5. Two Men and a '67 Chevy ~ Dean/Val (omc), Sam/Andy/Ava implied, NC-17 (17K) 06-10-09
PWP (in case the size didn't tell you) - Dean finally makes good on a promise.

Unlikely Habits ~ Orithain & Rina

1. Strange Bedfellows ~ Gabriel/Crowley, NC-17 (28K) 10-19-10
Tricksters and demons actually have a lot in common. Archangels and demons... well, it depends on the archangel.

2. Two Million, Six Hundred Fourteen Thousand, Nine Hundred and Eighty ~ Gabriel/Crowley, NC-17 (36K) 10-19-10
Demons don't miss people; they don't pray; and they certainly don't fall in love.

3. Extended Family ~ Gabriel/Crowley, Dean/Castiel, NC-17 (88K / 15,192 words) 02-13-11
Gabriel (and Crowley) play matchmaker, and then Gabe decides to do something (else) nice for Dean.


...And Dean (Angyl) ~ Dean/Sam implied, PG-13 (4K) 11-25-06
Dean's life.

The Center Can't Hold (Angyl & Rina) ~ Dean/Sam, NC-17 (101K) 09-21-06
They thought it would be easier once Sam graduated from high school. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Cipher (Angyl) ~ Dean/Sam, NC-17 (9K) 11-06-06
What Sam wants isn't always what Sam truly needs... (Stanford fic)

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes (Angyl) ~ Dean/Sam, PG-13 (4K) 04-27-08
Sam contemplates the slow count down of days as they race towards Dean's deadline.
Spoilers: Up to and including season 3

1. Lawyer, Angel, Demon, Regent (Orithain) ~ Crowley character study, Crowley/Dean UST (5K / 761 words) 11-27-10
Crowley's been around a lot longer than anyone realizes.

2. New Beginnings (Orithain) ~ Crowley/Dean UST, PG-13 (9K / 1,443 words) 03-11-11
Crowley remakes himself.

Nightmares and Fantasies (Orithain & Rina) ~ Dean/Castiel, NC-17 (10K) 06-22-09
Heaven and hell both have a hold on Dean's dreams.
Note: Intended for the Porn Battle VIII but we missed the deadline. Prompt: nightmare

Simply Human (Orithain & Rina) ~ Dean/Castiel/Anna Milton, NC-17 (22K) 12-03-08
The mark connects them.
Spoilers: Heaven and Hell

Wine, Archangels and Song (Orithain & Rina) ~ Dean/Gabriel, NC-17 (107K / 18,687 words) 02-05-11
Post averted apocalypse, Sam's off being domestic, Dean's hunting, and Gabriel's bored.


Star Trek: Voyager

Voyagers ~ Orithain

1. Close Encounters ~ P/T, C/J, C/P, NC-17  (24 K) August 98
Paris and Chakotay have to decide who they really want to be with.

2. To Boldly Go ~ J/C/P/T, NC-17 (19 K) January 99
Take one each of Janeway, Chakotay, Paris, and Torres. Mix thoroughly. Serve hot.


The Right Wish (Orithain) ~ Chakotay/Paris, NC-17 (18K) 04-12-02
Tom has to decide what he really wants.


The X-Files

Click on image to go to XF fiction page.
Illustration by the Theban Band.



A Mid-Winter's Nap (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Remy/Logan, NC-17 (24K) 12-15-04
Remy and Logan have their own ways of celebrating Christmas Eve.

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Angyl & Orithain) ~ Remy/?, NC-17 (27 K) December 01
A Christmas PWP - A secret admirer treats Gambit to a special Twelve Days of Christmas

Wherever the Road Takes Him (Orithain & Rina) ~ Logan/Remy Lebeau, NC-17/NC-17 (86K) 12-14-09
Something draws Logan back to New Orleans, and he learns just what that is. (Post X-Men Origins: Wolverine)




Original Fiction


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