Interrogation Epilogue:

Nicole S. & Orithain

September 2000

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It was still very warm outside when Mulder shut up his bookshop for the evening. He locked his door, turned around and squinted into the sunlight, watching everyone else who worked in the square pack up for the evening. He gathered his briefcase and slung his jacket over his shoulder then started to walk home.

He waved to the woman on the corner who sold flowers, breathing in the sweet scent of her offerings. He wondered if he should buy some for the dinner table but decided they would probably wilt before he got home. He nodded to the other merchants and regulars he passed on the way home before coming to the other side of the square, where he turned down a street that would lead him straight to his door.

The walk took an hour from his shop to his home with Alex. He could have a car of his own and drive, but he enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. Plus, if he walked, Alex would be coming through the door at almost the same time, and that saved him from missing his lover.

The still hot February sun burned into Mulder's back, making sweat run in rivulets down to the waistband of his trousers. He shifted his briefcase to his other hand and draped his jacket over his arm. Wiping his brow, he continued on his way. It was strange that it was so damn hot for February. To Mulder, having been raised in the Northern Hemisphere, February meant snowballs, sledding, ice skating, and rosy cheeks nipped by the cold, not hot weather and picnics on the beach. Sometimes, as now, he couldn't believe he was actually in Buenos Aires; it was such a bizarre tale.

A mere eighteen months ago, there had been a world war raging. Mulder had flown bombers for the American Air Force; he had been engaged to be married. Then he had been shot down over enemy territory and gotten captured, and that had led to a series of events that found him here in Buenos Aires, owning a bookstore, and having a lover who used to be his captor...

Mulder shook his head and gave a short laugh out loud. The absurdity of it all was too much to bear sometimes. It was amazing how things had changed in his life, but when he looked back on it, most of it was for the better, especially Alex.

Alex, his partner in life and love. Again, it was absurd how it all came to be. By all reasons of sanity, he should hate Alex; he should have killed Alex, not fallen in love with him; it was a one in a million chance. But that one in a million chance happened, and it was working.

Once in a while, Mulder would wake in the middle of the night and look at Alex and ask God how he had gotten here. But then he'd think that didn't really matter.

Sure, they had their ups and downs, and they still argued. Fortunately, their arguments hadn't come to blows in almost a year. Mulder shuddered at the thought of their last horrible fight, where he had beaten Alex, wanting to kill him. But that was so long ago, and now they were on their way to being truly happy.

They were in this together and would be forever.

Mulder arrived home, his thoughts having kept him company as he walked. He was amazed at how short that hour seemed when he thought of Alex.

He hoped he had enough time for a shower before supper as he turned the doorknob and walked inside. The house was cool due to the heavy shades on the windows, keeping out the burning sun, a welcome reprieve from the heat. He put his briefcase and jacket on the bench in the foyer and went into the kitchen to find Elena. She wasn't there, and there wasn't anything cooking on the stove. She was always here when he got home from work. Mulder frowned and wondered what the matter was; he hoped she wasn't sick.

He went into the dining room and found the table set with food, but no places set. The food there was all cold, ready to be eaten with fingers, having been cooked the day before.

Next, he wandered into the living room, where he found a vision in sage green. Alex was sitting in one of the wing-backed chairs, having a drink and reading a book. He looked genuinely surprised when Mulder came in.

"You're home! I'm sorry, I didn't hear you arrive." Alex set his book down and placed his drink on the table before standing.

"I just came home. Where's Elena?"

Alex kissed Mulder on the mouth then pulled away and smiled. "She's gone home early."

Mulder frowned, "Is she ill?"

"Not at all." Alex smiled and swept back the lock of hair that had fallen onto his lover's forehead. "I gave her the night off."

"That was nice of you."

"Fox, do you realize that we have been in Argentina a year?"

"I was just thinking that, actually."

Alex kissed him again, this time gently, his lips lingering before he pulled away. "That makes this our anniversary," he said softly, his lips brushing the other pair as he spoke.

Mulder smirked; he could tell where this was going and loved every second of it. "You're right, it does."

Alex still remained close to Mulder. "I thought that tonight could be a special night. A night where we could celebrate."

"I'd like that very much," Mulder said, his pulse beginning to quicken at the sensuality of Alex's voice. He had this way of lowering his voice to almost a whisper that drove Mulder mad with desire.

Alex kissed him passionately, but Mulder backed away quickly. "I'm a mess; I need to have a shower."

Alex still held on to him and looked up into his lover's eyes, his own sparkling with lust. "I like it when you're a mess."

Mulder laughed softly. "Trust me, you'll like me better clean."

"I doubt that very much." Alex held Mulder at arms length, raked his eyes over his lover's body before licking his lips slowly. "But if you're so insistent, then go have your shower, and when you are all clean, we'll pick up where we left off."

Mulder wanted to throw Alex down on the rug in the living room and make love to him then and there, but he felt dirty and dusty and sweaty, and he would enjoy himself more if he and Alex could get sweaty together later.

"I'll be quick." He let his hands slide from Alex's, holding his gaze before turning and going upstairs to the bathroom.

Quickly, Mulder stripped off his soiled garments and stepped into the shower, having the water as cold as he could stand it. Methodically, he washed himself, delicately cleaning his cock and balls, which ached to be stroked and caressed, but he wanted to save it all for Alex.

Soon, he was clean and hurried to dry himself off and get dressed. He decided on a medium blue shirt and dark blue pair of trousers, as Alex liked him in blue. He combed his hair quickly then went back downstairs.

When Mulder got back to the living room, the large doors to the patio were open, letting in the breeze from the south. The radio was on, and a slow, bluesy number was playing. Mulder stood there for a second, drinking his lover in. The lights were turned down low, making Alex's tanned skin look darker than it was against the pale sage-green of his suit.

Suddenly, Alex turned around and found Mulder looking at him. They held their gaze, appreciating each other's good looks before Alex held his hand out to him.

Mulder moved over to Alex, and they settled down on the couch, Alex in Mulder's arms. Mulder sighed contentedly; this was absolutely perfect. He moved his arms over Alex, caressing him through his clothes. Alex snuggled into his embrace, practically purring under Mulder's petting.

They sat like that for a long time, the sultry music on the radio giving way to more melodic, yet sensual tunes.

Alex brought his head from Mulder's shoulder and kissed him once. "Dance with me, Fox."

Mulder looked surprised. "Dance with you?"

"Yes," Alex said, smirking at Mulder's confusion. "It's quite common for two people to move to music together, arms around each other."

"Smart ass," Mulder said as he rolled his eyes. "I'm just surprised you asked. We haven't danced before."

"There's a first time for everything." Alex stood.

Mulder stood before his lover but didn't make the first move, instead biting his lower lip. Alex moved into Mulder's arms and placed them around him. Mulder awkwardly took Alex into his embrace. "Who leads?"

"Fox, my love, you're making this more complicated than it is. Just hold me and move to the music." Alex started swaying his hips to the music, encouraging Mulder to do the same.

Mulder followed Alex's action, soon relaxing into his embrace. Alex put his head on Mulder's shoulder and kissed his ear gently. Mulder ran his hands up and down his lover's back, feeling the softness of the silk he wore covering the muscular body underneath. He could feel his cock start to harden as Alex continued to kiss his ear and caress his back and down to his ass.

"I've always wanted to dance with you," Alex whispered. "When we were at the Buenos Aires Christmas Ball with Dana and Pendrell, I watched you and Dana dance and was angry we couldn't do the same."

Mulder nodded at the memory. While most of Buenos Aires knew that the attractive man who ran the most successful hotel in the city was a homosexual, they weren't ready to accept his orientation. They certainly weren't ready to see two men dancing with each other.

They had all danced with Dana that night, until she begged the three of them to leave her alone.

"You looked so graceful and handsome on the dance floor." Alex continued. "I had to turn away from watching you both, as I was becoming jealous."

Mulder smirked. "Jealous of me and Dana?"

"You two were a very fetching couple."

"She did look beautiful in that dress."

"Even Pendrell was jealous."

Mulder snorted, "She finally agreed to marry him, and he knows she loves him; why would he be jealous?"

"There's something between you and Dana that when you are together, the love and devotion shows between you."

"She's my best friend, and I love her." Mulder tilted Alex's face up to meet his. "But I love you more, and you are here with me." He kissed him deeply, his hips still swaying to the music.

Alex leaned into the kiss, almost purring, his body molding fully to his Fox's. Nothing ever felt as good to him as this, as Fox's arms around him and the rest of the universe fading from their consciousness. His tongue met Mulder's, slowly stroking his lover's mouth then retreating, enticing Mulder to follow. They now stood nearly motionless in the middle of the room, bodies entwined, luxuriating in their closeness.

"I love you, too," Alex responded when their mouths were forced to part to gasp in air. "Love you so much." He leaned back slightly, holding Fox at arm's length and staring into his eyes. "I know I've never told you, but I'm incredibly grateful that you forgave me and were able to love me back." He stroked Mulder's cheek. "My beautiful, beautiful Fox."

Mulder smiled gently, leaning forward to rest his forehead against Alex's. "How could I not love you? You're beautiful and strong and all mine." He nibbled on Alex's ear. "I love falling asleep in your arms and waking up to see your face beside mine on the pillows. I love going for a walk in the rain and coming home to take a long, hot bath together. I love making love with you, you deep inside me, making me feel more pleasure than I could ever have imagined, or being inside you, knowing that you trust me enough to give me that control. I love falling asleep in your arms and waking up to find you wrapped around me. I could never love anyone else the way I love you."

Alex's arms tightened around Mulder, holding him possessively. "Und ich liebe dich, liebchen," he whispered, falling back into his native language as he so rarely did. "My beautiful Fox." He kissed the older man, his body quickly responding to Mulder's soft moans and aroused squirming against him. Much as he wanted his beautiful lover, he forced himself to step back, holding Mulder away from him. He chuckled at Mulder's aggrieved pout.

"Upstairs, Fox. Once we start, I don't plan to stop till we drop from exhaustion, and I'd hate to have Elena walk in on us here tomorrow morning. She's been remarkably open-minded about us, but I think that might be pushing it, don't you?"

Mulder had to laugh. "Yes, I'd say so. But what about dinner?" He glanced wistfully toward the dining room "It's been a long day, and I'm hungry." He suddenly grinned wickedly. "Besides, it sounds like I'm going to need my strength."

Alex chuckled in turn. "You will indeed. If you promise to behave yourself, we'll go have dinner now."

Mulder turned an innocent look on him. "Me? I always behave myself. How could you insinuate otherwise?"

Alex snorted, not bothering to make any other response as he went into the dining room. He sat down in his usual chair, not surprised when Fox chose to settle on his lap rather than taking one of the other chairs. His arms automatically wrapped around his beautiful lover, holding him close. "This is going to make it rather difficult for me to reach the food," he observed blandly, his fingers stroking under Mulder's shirt over his belly.

Mulder chuckled huskily. "I guess I'll just have to feed you, then." He reached for small wedge of cheddar, offering it to Alex.

The other man nibbled at the triangle of cheese, getting ever closer to Mulder's fingers, finally sucking them into his mouth where he sensuously laved the digits. Only when Mulder moaned did he release his fingers, grinning into slightly glazed hazel eyes. "I'm really hungry," he whispered.

Mulder stared at him blankly, then blinked, the sense of his words filtering into his passion-fogged brain. "Uh," he replied, then shook his head slightly. He reached for the platter of meatballs, picking one up and offering it to Alex, who again ate from his hands. He hand fed his lover that way, taking bits for himself as well, until they were both satisfied.

"Had enough?" Alex asked blandly.

When Mulder nodded, more interested in licking the sensitive area beneath Alex's jaw than in the remains of their meal, he heaved Mulder onto the table, shoving aside a few dishes, then rose to stand between his legs.

"Well, I have only just begun, my Fox." He eyed Mulder, sprawled wantonly on the table, then reached out and unfastened his pants, urging Fox to raise his hips to help him remove the garment. He understood Mulder's smug smile when he saw that his lover wasn't wearing anything beneath the trousers, and his own grin spread.

"Very pretty," he approved, petting the hard flesh standing proudly at his lover's groin. "For me?" he chuckled. "I was always taught not to leave anything behind, so I'll just have to take care of this." He lightly brushed the very tip of his tongue along the prominent vein on the underside, then flicked teasingly at the sensitive spot below the head, before following that vein back down again. He repeated the action while Mulder pleaded with him for more, then very gently closed his teeth on the rigid muscle, nipping softly.

Mulder's curses were music to his ears, and he chuckled, continuing to bite at Mulder then lave the "injuries" with his tongue. Finally, when Mulder clenched his fists in his hair and yanked sharply, he flicked his tongue over the dripping head of the older man's cock. Tasting Fox's musk, he paused to savor the flavor, his tongue returning again and again to rub over the blunt tip and to delve inside the tiny slit in search of more.

"My favorite dessert," Alex murmured, each word vibrating against Mulder's sensitized flesh. He sucked lightly on the very tip, making Mulder moan, then excruciatingly slowly took the shaft inside his mouth, one millimeter at a time. His hands weren't idle either. One was between Mulder's legs, the tip of his index finger just barely pressing inside Fox, knuckles rubbing his perineum, and thumb stroking his sac.

"Alex, please!" Mulder whined, his legs shifting restlessly. He bucked back, trying to force Alex's finger deeper inside him, then up, wanting to sink farther into his lover's throat. He squirmed on the table, barely flinching when a fork jabbed him, but Alex frowned and swept the utensils away from that area of the table, then soothed the injury with a quick lick.

"What do you want, my Fox?" he whispered huskily in the older man's ear, his tongue flicking out to tease the sensitive curves.

"You, damnit! I want you," Fox wailed, thrashing beneath him. "Want you to take me like you used to, own me, make me yours," he admitted throatily.

Alex gasped, his cock jumping at Mulder's words, remembering how it was to take the other man, to possess him utterly. "If you insist," he rasped out, straightening up long enough to remove his own clothes, then pausing to stare at the wanton man sprawled on the dining room table.

"Lieber Gott, you are beautiful." He remembered that he had intended to wait till they were in their bed, so the petroleum jelly was upstairs. He cast an eye over the table, seeking something he could use, and smiled when he spotted the platter of cold lamb and its accompanying dish of mint jelly. That would certainly get his Fox's attention.

He pulled it closer, scooping some out with his fingers, then sliding them over Mulder's opening, teasing the sensitive area before pushing inside. Mulder's eyes widened at the sensation of the mint on his inner tissues, and a faint yelp escaped him, but in moments he was riding Alex's fingers eagerly. Alex watched him through heavy lidded eyes until he couldn't bear it another instant, then he smeared some of the jelly over his erection, gasping as the menthol touched him, and drove into his lover.

Mulder cried out, his legs wrapping around Alex as he arched up eagerly into the German's touch. His heels pressed against Alex's buttocks, pulling him deeper, and he writhed on the length of Alex's cock, impaled. "Fuck me!" he screamed, driven nearly mad by the cool burning inside him, and Alex was quick to obey.

He drove into Fox hard and fast, too eager for the slow, tender lovemaking he'd originally intended. That could come later. His fist closed around Mulder's cock, pumping it as he hammered into him, and Mulder yelled again. Mulder's hands clung to the edge of the table, preventing himself from being driven backward as Alex thrust into him, and he forced his eyes open to watch Alex possess him.

Deep green eyes met hazel for an instant before heavy lashes fell and white teeth bit into a lush lower lip as Alex came, thrusting one final time as deeply inside Mulder as he could. Seeing the pleasure on Alex's face and feeling him stiffen in his climax tipped Mulder over the edge as well, and he moaned Alex's name as he came, painting his belly and chest with his semen.

After a few moments, Alex forced trembling legs to support him and straightened again, pulling out of Mulder. He leaned over to lick Mulder clean, smiling faintly at the whimpers as his tongue rasped over sensitive flesh, then pulled the other man to his feet.

"Come, liebchen, bath and bed. The night is still young."

Mulder chuckled softly as they walked upstairs, arms twined around each other's waist. "Happy anniversary, Alex."

"Happy anniversary, my Fox."


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